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After Hour Emergencies, CALL 911.

  • You may call me during “normal” business hours for all non-emergency issues and I’ll be happy to help you!

Water Emergencies:

  • The water shut off is located in the space under the lower deck. When you open the door to the space, there is a large blue holding tank.  On the ground next to the tank is a valve handle, turn the handle clockwise until snug.


Please use caution in the winter. Ice builds up and creates dangerous slipper conditions. Once six or more inches of snow accumulate, a snow play service attends to the driveway. As you can imagine, these services are very busy during the winter season. Please have faith…they will get to you as soon as they can. (there are shovels in the garage if you care to manually remove the snow in the driveway, deck or stairs)

The county is responsible for plowing the streets. Plowing routes are set in advance so please be patient and enjoy the winter scenery.

Your driveway will be plowed by a private plow service. They cannot plow the driveway if cars are parked in the driveway. Most often, the service comes once the storm has passed…depending on the storm, the plowing service may be provided during the storm.

We highly recommend operating your vehicle in 4-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive, or carry tire chains in the winter months.

Brown mother bear protecting her cubs in a Finnish forest
Bear Country Warning Sign. All Wildlife is Dangerous. Do Not Approach or Feed Red Countryside Sign. Montana, United States.


We share the Tahoe basin with our wildlife friends, including black bears. You may have the opportunity to see one of these magnificent creates during your stay.

Unfortunately, people have introduced unnatural foods into our bears’ regular diet…pet food, birdseed, leftovers in garbage cans, etc. This attracts them to our homes/garbage.

If a bear becomes a nuisance, it may be put to death since bears in California are not relocated. Please help preserve our bears’ right to share the Tahoe basin by following these simple suggestions:

  • Please do not leave garbage out overnight unless it’s in the bear proof garbage bin or sealed tightly in the garbage can in the garage.
  • Please do not leave windows open on the ground level when you leave the house (very important) If bears smell food, they will try and get in.
  • Please do not leave food or ice chests on decks or in vehicles…and lock your cars at night.
  • Please clean your BBQ after each use. Allow the fire to burn off all food particles.

If you happen to see a bear, be responsible. It’s a unique experience. If you desire additional information, please contact the Bear League at 530.525.7292

Have a wonderful stay!