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General Information

Smoking Policy:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING inside the home or on the decks.  Smoking in these areas is considered a breach of contract and tenants will be charged accordingly.


  • The garbage is picked up on Thursdays.  The bear proof garbage container is located on the side of the driveway.  Please place garbage in either garbage can and be sure to close the metal door.
  • For excess garbage only, please use either of the two cans located in the garage.  …be sure to snugly place the lid on the can to prevent odors leaking out to the Tahoe wildlife.
  • Unprotected trash is a major problem!  Only the trash cans in the metal garbage container are picked up each Thursday.
  • Recycling is not required.  All trash is sorted at the transfer station.

Private Car Service:


  • You are welcome to park in the property driveway and in the garage.  The garage is tight, please use caution when pulling in your automobile.  Also, N. Lake Blvd. is busy in July/Aug.  An easy option is to turn right (north) out of the driveway, drive down to Lardin Way and make U turn to go south.


  • Please enjoy the fireplace in the house & in the apartment. The remote controls are located under the TV’s in both locations.

Additional Heating/Cooling Notes:

  • The studio has wall mounted heater controls. The best and most efficient way to cool the home is by opening the windows and cross-ventilating using the fresh Lake Tahoe air.
  • Air conditioning is also available to our guests.

Door Locks/Security:

  • We recommend locking the doors when you leave the home.  Tahoe is a safe community; However, crime is part of life.  Be sure to lock your cars.

Lake Tahoe Tap Water:

  • The water in Lake Tahoe is 99.994% pure…one of the purest lakes in the world.  The home (along with all the homes along N. Lake Blvd.) get their water from the lake. In addition to being pure, before the water reaches the home, it goes through a filtration system.  The end result? …some of the purest water in the world at your disposal.