Tahoe3852.com – LAKE TAHOE LAKEFRONT Rental, North Shore, Carnelian Bay


Useful Hints

The Morning Sun is Beautiful:

  • The AM sun is warm & bright and can quickly heat up the family room & upstairs bedroom.  Feel free to use the upstairs blinds/curtains to help keep the temperature down in the AM.

BBQ Hints:

  • Barbecuing on the north side of the deck prevents the Tahoe breeze from blowing out the BBQ flames. (the BBQ heats quickly, keep an eye on your food; an extra propane tank is in the garage)

Evening Time:

  • Important to keep your sliding screens and/or windows closed in the evenings and at night to keep out flying bugs and Tahoe flying wildlife.

Located in the Downstairs Closet labeled “Guest Tools”:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Manuals for appliances and other instructions
  • Tool Kit
  • Batteries
  • Fire Extinguishers (upstairs entry closet & kitchen pantry)

Sonos Stereo System

  • In the app store, search “Sonos” and download the app
  • Login: gregg@gtsoccer.com
  • Password: Lakehouse1234
  • Allow Bluetooth permissions
  • “Join existing system”
  • Select your music platform and your favorite playlists
  • Another music option is to turn to an all-music channel on the Spectrum television platform on your TV or select Youtube on the television and search for the music of your choice.

TV Channels:

  • Spectrum is the local provider where local channels, ESPN 1, ESPN 2, FOX can be watched. Log into your HULU, Netflix, Fubo and/or other accounts for other viewing options.

Master Suite Computer:

  • Click on “Guest” in the lower left-hand corner
  • Password: Lakehouse1234